The arts of our land

The vast and rich Portuguese cultural heritage, constituted over its eight centuries of existence, and revealed by ancestral manufacturing arts – is the unequivocal proof of how different the various regions of Portugal are.

Because the wealth of our traditional arts and crafts has been unquestionable for us since 1996, that “The Art of the Earth”, aims to present a selection of works of rigor and quality, combining tradition and modernity, and where different generations cohabit. artistic currents (artisans, sculptors, jewelers, designers).

After 10 years in Almada, in 2006 “A Arte da Terra” was installed in the historic heart of Lisbon, in a space – old stables of the Cathedral – with centuries of history, transformed into a showcase of Portuguese culture for the immense “world” who visits us.

Portuguese tiles


Since the beginning of the production of tiles in Portugal - around the 16th century - at a time of strong influence of the current of the Italian-grotesque Renaissance, five centuries of intense relationship between Portuguese art and culture with tiles have passed, centuries in which he witnessed the “passing” of different and strong artistic currents, from the neoclassicism of the D. Maria period to the Historicism and Nationalism of the first half of the 20th century. railroad, markets, shops… and today, in the 21st century, the richness and importance that the tile assumes in the history and culture of the capital is all too evident. in “A Arte da Terra”, through the works of the best artists in Lisbon, in this fantastic universe of tiles

Portuguese Sculpture


The cultural imagination that brings about the popular fantasy that transports mankind to universes where gods, angels and demons, birds and monsters, could also inhabit. This was the starting point for a variety of approaches on sacred art, pagan figures, amongst others.


An array of works in watercolour and acrylic, united in a selection of original paintings inspired by several themes of the Portuguese culture. Mainly focused on architecture and the everyday of Lisbon locals.


Castelo Branco, Viana do Castelo, Felgueiras, Azores ... Points of origin that clearly mark the universe of Portuguese embroidery, where centuries of history confirm a unique female talent.

Sieve, Richelieu, Tibaldinho, Ponto Grelhão, Open Sheaths…. the biggest options in the Embroidery universe that we can make available.


Arte da Terra has invested in the diversity of the talent of Portuguese artists, from the most prestigious national artisans to young generations, including renowned sculptors.

Here you will find a vast display of sculptures, more contemporary or traditional, an art that encompasses abstract and concrete forms that transports us to the imagination of each one, being able to be made from the outside in, sculpting a block and giving you an artistic form or, through modeling, using materials such as ceramics, stone, iron, wood, cork, paper pulp or fabrics.

Author Jewellery

Designer Jewellery

What we look for in the adornments is creativity, beauty and originality. Therefore, we have selected young designers that have distinguished themselves in the jewellery world. They create pieces in gold, silver, brass, inox and ceramic, presenting a diversity of unique designer pieces, bringing together tradition and modernity, suitable for every style.


We present a high-quality sampling of cotton home textiles made in Guimaraes. The selection goes from bed sheets to quilts, towels, kitchen and table cloths.

Portuguese Decorative Ceramic

Decorative Ceramic

The widest assortment of pieces that we provide here at “A Arte da Terra”. From the rich variety of the Caldas da Rainha ceramics, where Bordallo Pinheiro is the biggest international name, passing through the traditional ceramics of the Alentejo.

Portuguese Grocery and Perfumery

Perfumery and Grocery

We select products with guaranteed quality to present our country to the foreign public.
Port wine Fonseca and Taylors; Table Wine from Quinta do Alcube (Awarded); Resende and Algarve jams; Gorreana Tea from the Azores; Gregório cakes; Beekeeper Honey; Aveiro Salt; Herdade da Ventosa Olive Oil (Awarded); Tuna from Santa Catarina, Azores; Canned “La Gondola”; Full range of “Claus” soaps and “Confiança” soap.


The linen culture is as fascinating as it is complex. The pieces we have confirm it, as much as the unparalleled elegance of this fabric. Burel, defined in dictionaries as a coarse woollen cloth, is nowadays as soft as it is warm and elegant. All fruition of the art and talent necessary to work the hand looms.